Las Vegas Mobile Massage
Massages - Las Vegas Mobile Massage
Serving The Strip, Las Vegas and surrounding areas!            
- Experienced licensed Massage Therapists
- Full 60 minutes or 90 mins sessions
-Flexible scheduling 
- Most Credit cards accepted 
  1. Swedish Massage In Room
    De-stress and unwind with a full-body light massage. 60 mins $140 90 mins $180 120 mins $225
  2. Massage In Room. Com
    Text 702-559-4422 to book a massage Today. Thank you for choosing us!
  3. Deep Tissue Massage In Room
    Focuses on specific problem areas. Find deeper relief from chronic pain, tension and overworked muscles 60 min $150 90 min $200 120 min $250
  4. Hot Stone in Room Massage
    Tension Melts away as warm heated stones are used over tight muscles. Enjoy state od deep relaxation. 60 min $200 90 min $250 120 min $300
  5. Couple's In Room Massage
    Experience relaxation side-by-side with an in Room Massage. Ideal for couples, mother-daughter, or friends. You may chose the same modality or customize your session by selecting the massage of your choice.
  6. Aromatherapy Massage In Room
    Essential Oils are used to promote healing, mental clarity and overall well-being. 60 mins $165 90 mins $225 120 mins $275
What our clients say about our services:

"  Joanna was very professional, very easy to book by phone and showed up on time at my hotel room "
Amanda. B

My girlfriends and I needed to unwind after a long day of walking on the strip and search for a mobile massage  to come to our hotel( since Wynn Spa can charge an arm and a leg) Our two therapists were able to accomodate the four of us doing back to back massages. We were very pleased they arrived right on time to our door and better yet listened to what we wanted done and worked our problem areas beautfiully. We LOVED their deep tissue techinques and hot stone massage. True professionals and  Amazing massage in Las Vegas. Thank you ladies!!

Becky, Grace, Jenny & Mia

Advantages of receiving a Las Vegas Mobile Massage:

The advantages of receiving a mobile massage in Las vegas is multifold, it makes a perfect ambience for relaxation and rejuvenation without having to worry about commuting or being late for your massage appointment.

One thing that has become quite popular is theme-based massage parties. You can choose to have bachelorette or all women’s parties, and enjoy a spa-like experience together under one roof.

Mobile MassageInRoom.Com offer a range of massages and services that one can choose from. More and more people prefer fortnightly massages to help relieve stress and muscle tension due to the luxury of mobile massages.

No travelling involved, you can escape traffic and any form of stress that comes along with commuting.

You can relax straight after the massage is over without having to worry about getting home. Most often clients like to have some shut-eye right after the massage, this can be easily accomplished at home.

Save money on petrol or fuel costs.

You have the luxury of having a shower in your own home.

You get to wear your own clothes.

You can choose to listen to your favorite soothing music.

There is no waiting till your appointment.